Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sometimes a wonder round an art gallery is all you need to lift your spiritis. Being surroudned by art, the silence, contemplative setting is a sensation that you experience nowhere else. Although some may argue that large large pieces of glass spaced sporadically around a room is by no means art; one cannot argue that the serenity you feel from interacting with the objects is an appealing break from everyday life.
Swedish artist Raphael Hefti experiments with material processes, manipulating and transforming substances to create toughened, highly reflective, coloured, and at times opaque surfaces. The zesty blues and galaxy pinks created by the glass arise from optical behaviour that responds to the immediate light in the room. My few minutes wondering around the room were, like the glass, highly reflective, colourful, and dreamy.

Raphael Hefti at Camden Arts Centre

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