Sunday, 25 March 2012

Love Buzz

Last month I interned for photographer Bella Howard, during her exhibition 'Love Buzz'. Set amongst the buzzing and culturual hub of central London, in none other than the St.Martin's Lane Hotel exhibition space, the show was a sneak peak into the lifestyle of a young 'happening' female photographer in London. Set up like a bedroom, prints were taped to the wall, and the central piece consisted of a large pink foam heart, surmounted with polaroids from Bella's life. Ranging from behind-the-scenes at a Mischa Barton shoot, to Harry Styles, to roller-coaster park in suburban America, the polaroids gave a collective glimpse of a journey from adelescence into rock and roll photographer. My personal favourite was the slightly sassy, cheeky Lana Del Rey against the American flag sticking out her tongue, rebuking today's American Dream, for as Lana says, its all a 'dark paradise'.


  1. That's awesome! the exhibition looks so intriguing