Friday, 21 May 2010

we love what you wear..

after avidly searching for a good name....where did you get that, we want your wardrobe, you got good taste...
we came up with we love what you wear! our new blog!
Martha and I are going to capture some of the stylish people we see in our day to day lives, and post photos, to create an exciting blog full of wonderful outfits. Please follow!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Teen Vogue

I always wait for the next edition of Teen Vogue in anticipation, I just LOVE their cover shoots. So I was was very excited to see Amanda Seyfred on the next edition, she never ceases to amaze me (bar her back to front dress incident) .I lover her effortless, natural beauty, her toussled hair, and laid back fashion sense. I think you will agree these pictures are beautiful and oh so summery! If only I looked like that on the beach, I'm one of those burnt frizzy haired beach goers hiding myself in shame under a towel. Anyway - please check out the Mui Mui shoes, fab!

Monday, 3 May 2010

the girl with flowers in her hair

wish this was on her album, love her voice


I love playing with light in photography,experimenting with the lense and shutter speed to get exciting pictures - now i think I'll try playing with glitter after seeing this from the inside out topshop blog- so simple yet so beautiful


photos from Miley's Feb 2010 Bazaare shoot - shot at her family's farm in Nashville
love !

fashion shoots look like so much fun.