Friday, 16 April 2010

Took this at disney world - I wish I was young again just so I could pretend to be a princess.

Just got back from sunny was so nice to feel hot for once, and slightly less pale and ill looking! I rediscovered Forever 21 - a much more cheep and cheerful urban outfitters, with lots of sporty and all american style clothes. I bought some nice athletic running shorts and a pair of lovely pale blue denim ones - shame the weather here is so crappy. Such a bargain aswell, shorts around $6.. about 3 or 4 pound, and tops about $10...american apparel eat your heart out.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Liberty Prints

I went to Liberty recently to see a photographic exhibition, but made sure I didn't leave without have a quick look around the haberdashery floor. Liberty prints are so pretty and colourful, yet so expensive! Like a kid in a candy store the dazzling sequins, lovely bits and bobs and gorgeous floral prints made me go a little bit mad. I bought 2 meters of a pastel coloured floral print and decided to cover my grey broken mannequin (that school gave me because it was too disgusting for the art department) and transform it into a beautiful liberty mannequin! Pictures of that to come soon, it looks a bit odd at the moment.. but why not.