Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Goodbye skinny jean?

It breaks my heart to hear that skinny jeans are not 'in' this season, but I am adamant to carry on wearing them - they just go with everything! So what are we meant to wear on our legs? Well, army style trousers or harem pants. I'm all for this look - its edgy and comfortable. I'm just not sure how well they work on 16 year old girls such as my self, a little too daring, too fashion forward, or very cool?! I did buy some grey tracksuit harem pants last year, but they were cropped and very thin, so when winter came they stayed in the cupboard. It's a toughy. Should I go all out with some harem, green, baggy, tapered, silky or even cropped trousers... we shall see.

1 comment:

  1. georgia, ive seen an amazing pair of tapered/tracksuit style/hareem pair of trousers in topshop for like 35 quid and they have them in khaki and grey there so fit, considering buying them there gorgeous! go for them :) best of all the styles...