Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Jaeger LFW


My first taste of fashion week - thanks to the wonderful Martha, I was able to attend the Jaeger show at Sommerset House. Gracing the front row were the 'Saturdays' donning blazers and stripes, sitting next to an immaculate and tiny Rachel Stevens, a tall and moody Peaches Geldoff and Callum Best. Further along the row sat none other than Joe Mcelderry, looking very bored in a suit tucked in to lace up boots!
The show was beautiful, and as it was my first catwalk show I was totally in awe of the whole atmosphere aswell as the clothes. I loved all of the gorgeous coats, moments of fur, skinny black trousers, black velvet, the odd sparkles and various 60s prints. The general colour pallet was very chic and the prints had a very vintage feel. My favourite outfit was a dress with a cream, blouse-like printed top and velvet skirt - definitely on my wish list.
What a great day it was, especially taking very up close pictures of the Saturdays on their blackberries after the show, and collecting free Grazia magazines in different languages! All of the fashionistas around me looked amazing, and I spotted alot of parkas, barbers and leather trousers amongst the audience. The whole event really inspired me and made me very excited for the future, as I hope to attend many more fashion weeks dans l'avenir. G x

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